CASSETTO COSTRUZIONI METALLICHE was born in 1966 and it started originally as a handicraft company, producing frames for galvanic systems.
During the years our range grew constantly,initially in the carpentry field and subsequently in steel structural work.
In 1980 it was decided to enlarge the company and consequently new means of producing were introduced and developed by utilising numerical control bending and punching presses with laser cutting.
By means of this procedure our company subsequently from a handicraft category reaches an industrial scale.  An evolution that preserved the qualities of dynamism and experience that characterized the craft, adding new professionalism for assuring a  timely and accurate service.
The processes and design too are computerized and perfectly aligned to the highest standards in the industry, so much so that trough our customers we have the most innovative industries in the following areas:

•    Earth moving machines
•    Machining tools
•    Electromechanical
•    Electronics

Currently 100% of the production is destined for the export market, particularly in FRANCE, BELGIUM, GERMANY, AMERICA, JAPAN, NETHERLANDS, BRAZIL.

The work performed in the sheet metal working and carpentry are the following:
•    LASER cutting 3000 x 1500 x 12 mm thick.
•    Punching 2000 x 1000 x 6 mm thick
•    CNC Bending 3000 x 120
•    CNC Rolling
•     TIG – MIG welding – projection welding. Robot welding
•    Sandblasting  and tumbling
•    Powder painting
•    Stocking in automatic warehouses
•    Surface treatments (hardening, zinc coating, burnishing ) with certified partners.


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